I believe that two of the most delicious states of being we as humans can experience is CLARITY and TRANSFORMATION. When we speak out our personal truth and when we bring awareness into the most hidden psychical mechansims and universal laws of our existence, we bring CLARITY into our own lifes and in the lifes of others. It is by clarity that we stay connected to the real purpose of our extistence: to keep evolving and to transform into the person we truly are and wish to be and to become.

May this podcast inspire you to gain more clarity in your life and to keep up your personal transformation.

All the information, knowledge, inspiration and wisdom shared in this podcast don´t claim to be the ultimate truth; but it´s one voice among many voices and one perspective among many existing perspectives. My wish for you is that you take what is helpful for you, what inspires you and lifts you up - and that you leave aside that doesn´t resonate with who you are and who you want to be.