Clarity and Transformation
Episode 1

INDECISION - where it comes from and why there isn´t such thing as an "indecisive person"

Rafaela Micaela Schmitt published on

We all know these moments, when it comes to making an important decision, that we suddenly find ourselves "unable" to move in any direction, or in other words: to make a clear decision. The feelings that we experience during these moments are not very pleasant, so in general we strive to make a decision as soon as possible to "alleviate" ourselves from the emotional pressure - just to subsequently doubting the decision made again.

In this podcast you will learn about how your thoughts and emotions are inseperably connected to one another and why it is paramount to choose wisely to which voices of advisers you´re listening to.

You will learn about the difference of the "voice of your thoughts" and your "inner voice".

And if you considered yourself being an "indecisive person" by nature, you´ll eventually discover, that there doesn´t exist such thing as an "indecisive person".

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  • Martins Schmitt

    Great thank you Rafi! I liked the idea of instead of saying "what do you think?" "what do you feel?" I will try to make this to my new habbit.

  • Rafaela Micaela Schmitt

    Fanstastic Martina! I´m happy to hear that it could inspire you! Good luck with the new habbit, I´m sure it will open up many new perspectives! Love,xxx Rafaela