Clarity and Transformation
Episode 5

May it be beautiful - Setting intentions filled with beauty

Rafaela Micaela Schmitt published on

In this podcast you´ll listen to an Australian Aboriginal prayer called "May it be beautiful". This prayer or poem is a wonderful example of how we can set powerful positive intentions for our lives. Powerful, because BEAUTY itself is one of the most powerful entities capable to move the soul of humans. Beauty is the language of the universe, of the nature. Nature never holds back with Beauty.

We can learn to look at our own lives with the intention to see BEAUTY in everything that surrounds us, in ourselves, in our past and our future.

Lsitening to this podcast, you´ll learn that seeing BEAUTY in whatever you look at is NOT a priviledge for people who are blessed living in beautiful environments or surrounded by beautiful people, but it´s a DECISION. It´s an attitude you decide to take towards life, the others and yourself.

I hope this podcast inspires you to create BEAUTY in your own life, without holding back, just as Mother Nature does.

Sending you lots of love and beauty,

Rafaela xxx


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