Community Checkpoint

Hello and welcome!  AER0KNIGHT here!  Community Checkpoint is a YouTube video series where I hope for us as a gaming community to provide feedback on games we love made by the developers we love.  For the forseable future this series will primarily focus on Destiny the game.  My goal for this series is to not only promote ongoing positive and constructive chatter between us and developers of our favorite games, but to also involve you guys in the content creation process of these episodes.  When working on new episodes I plan to shoot out tweets for feedback and look for your ideas with topics I’m working on.  You can find me on Twitter @theAER0KNIGHT (with a zero).  I have no set schedule on how I plan to create these videos nor a timeframe I plan to release them.  I’m going to look at them almost as though they are research projects and with that the topics chosen (with your help) I hope to be at a more substantial level with how they would positively impact the game as well as creating valuable feedback for the developers of that game.  This series will cover topics that will help continue to grow and evolve our favorite games.  We may cover things we like, things we would like to see, or even ways to build on systems already implemented in the game.  I hope you guys enjoy this series and thank so much for tuning in.  Take care!

Sorry, there are currently no episodes available for this podcast.