Cool Story; Needs More Girls

Episode 20

Cool Story; Needs Even More Space Ladies

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Lizz and Maggi looked at each other after last week and said "Wow, we forgot a lot of movies." So they're back to talk about EVEN MORE SPACE LADIES. We discuss all of the very man heavy space movies that all seem to be the same? But Sandra Bullock is amazing? Maggi gets to find out more about treatment for Spacephobia (A REAL THING) and Lizz shares a moment where she was able to provide representation for someone she knows. They get very excited about Hidden Figures and how much history they hadn't been taught!

In Cool Story; Real Girls, we talk about female astronauts and the women who inspired Hidden Figures. 

In Consumption Corner, Maggi discusses a podcast that provides a lot of representation for her (The Adventure Zone) and Lizz is trying out a new show on FreeForm called "Alone Together".

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