Cool Story; Needs More Girls

Episode 24

Cool Story; Needs More Precision

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It's time for a Cool Story; Real Girls Ep! Your girls look at a cool girl from the past, Ms. Annie Oakley. We discuss the amazing things she did, like supporting her family from before she was 15, giving most of her money to charity, and proving a lot of the gender role expectations wrong. We chat about how stories can get changed from real life to the media and how writers can create drama where there wasn't any. ALSO WE COME UP WITH THE BEST ANALOGY FOR GUN SAFETY???

We pause for a bit to talk about current events and Generation Z. Hey y'all? These teenagers are changing the world and we are so proud of them. (insert meme of Taraji P. Henson saying "You're doing great, sweetie".) Maggi gets on a mental health rant and Lizz talks about education. 

Consumption Corner topics: Everything Sucks, Baby Ballroom, Parks and Rec, Spotlight, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Critical Role.

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