Cool Story; Needs More Girls

Episode 19

Cool Story; Needs More Space Ladies

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Maggi and Lizz have messed around with their recording equiptment again, and you know what that means! Sound is a little off, as Lizz's mic was going in and out. We will be back to our regular quality next week!

We're on Space Ladies this week! We discuss Star Wars, Passengers, Black Mirror Episode 401, and the quirky themes we see in space movies, such as scantily clad women and exoticly colored aliens. Maggi goes on and on for too long about Princess Leia and how she feels about Star Wars (spoiler, she loves them). Lizz admits some very embarrassing memories about Episode 1. In Consumption corner, we have The God of Small Things and Truth & Iliza (avaliable on FreeForm). 

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