Coolest Men Alive

Tory Ireland Mell and Jesse Blaze Snider bring the geek thunder with "Coolest Men Alive" every Sunday Night. Join them on their epic journey of geekdom, because while there may be a million geek podcasts, there are only two Coolest Men Alive.

Tory Ireland Mell Bio: Forged in the Fire Pits of Apokolypse, Tory has dominated the world wide web in all forms. He is a Jack of all trades and a Master of None. If he were a Highlander, he would have chopped Jesse's head off because there can be only one.

Jesse Blaze Snider Bio: Rocketed to Earth from the 6th Dimension and blessed by his elementary school teacher, Mrs. Snugglebee, with the ability to do anything he wants to when he grows up, Jesse is the most modern of renaissance men fighting a never ending battle for truth and justice. Jesse IS actually a Highlander and feels bad for Tory who is NOT. Please, don't tell him. Simply pity him silently from afar.