Coping Strategies For Our Changing World.

In a world that is changing rapidly, we are required to find new tools to help us gain clarity and focus. This series of podcasts is designed to provide practical tools to enable us to adapt to our changing environment, find peace within, discover who we truly are, overcome fear, manage our emotions, and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem as well as an overall sense of confidence and self-worth.

We can either change with intention, or allow our circumstances to change us. We cannot change our world by changing others. In order to change our world, we must change ourselves. But do we really have free-will to choose or are our actions determined by our past programming? Over the next few months, Skye will share from her own experiences and speak to many others who have overcome their past and have learned the tools required to start making good, healthy choices in order to change their futures. It is time to stop looking behind and focus on the future. Welcome to a new world of adventure as we learn to navigate our way through times of change with grace and poise.