Coping Strategies For Our Changing World.

Episode 1


Skye McKenzie published on

Here we are... in a world full of adventure and wonder, experiences and people, and our ability to navigate our way through the twists and turns of life is determined by the compass we each hold within us. For many of us this compass has been battered or misaligned as we have traveled through life, or perhaps we are still using the coordinates set for us by others (either our parents or other influential people we had in our lives as we were growing up). Thus, we find ourselves on a path we never intended to be on and need to adjust our course. To do this, we require a new set of easily navigable tools that will eventually put us back on the course that aligns us with our soul.

As William Wilberforce said, “We change by degrees.” One small change at a time will eventually lead us onto a different path. One small change in the way we think, in how we speak, and in how we act today will create major changes in our lives and cause us to experience joyful, loving, peaceful, calm tomorrows.

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