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Episode 14

Jason Mills - Corrupt Systems Techno Podcast - Episode 14

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Jason Mills - Corrupt Systems Techno Podcast - February 2016


1. Unpolished - CALLE [Forthcoming Terminus Audio] 
2. Tricksters - Motrice [Forthcoming Terminus Audio] (Out Tomorrow) 
3. Jason Mills - Man's Ruin (Israel Toledo/Assassin Soldier Recordings Remix) [Terminus Audio] 
4. Juan Trujillo - Tufo ( EMIR HAZIR Remix) [Forthcoming Terminus Audio] 
5. Ben Techy - Money Grabber [Forthcoming Hypnotic Groove] 
6. Maurizio Vitiello - Eight Days a Week [Forthcoming Praxxiz] 
7. Jason Mills - Trial By Fire [Forthcoming Corrupt Systems] 
8. DJ LESTER FITZPATRICK vs Geto Man - Evil Clown [UKR Promo 
9. EMIR HAZIR and Jason Mills - Face Off ( Nicolas Bacher wARFARE Remix) [Forthcoming Qubiq Records] 
10. The Surgeons - Lost Frequencies [Forthcoming Terminus Audio] 
11. Ceren Tekno - Wave [Corrupt Systems Promo] 
12. Israel Toledo/Assassin Soldier Recordings - Scare [Forthcoming Terminus Audio] 
13. Jason Mills - Lucy Furr [Forthcoming Corrupt Systems] 
14. 14anger and Deeplift - Tube Ghost [Club Poison] 
15. Sascha Zastiral - The Fermi Paradox [Different is Different Records Promo]

A music lover in his formative years, traveling live and studio drummer for a good portion of his adult life, and 13 years of spread out DJing between the two; Jason Mills now approaches his rapidly-growing brand Terminus Audio with the same enthusiasm he felt when cutting class to dig through endless crates of records in high school seeking hidden treasures on wax for his weekend gigs. A road-tested music aficionado with a masterclass in a variety of genres; who fuses the musical past, present and future to create new and exciting results. 

Having dabbled in various music production software over several years, Jason finally decided to completely immerse himself in the craft of creating original music and remixes in the past year. Having already established support for his productions from highly respected industry mainstays ranging from Dustin Zahn and Sleeparchive, to Judge Jules, John “00” Fleming and many more – Jason Mills has a little something for everyone in his eclectic palette. Fearless. Sensible. Label curator. DJ. Producer. Music lover. No ceilings.

You can find Jason online at:

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