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EP 009 - MINDSET/TRAVEL: A Journey to Silence with Emma Joubert

Paulo & Jacques Massie published on

Today we sit down with Emma to talk, laugh and smile about her amazing trip to Burma. Emma's trip was not your ordinary Burmese adventure and her reasoning was not to explore the world but rather to explore herself.
We cover the greatest learnings from Emma's silence retreat and touch on the most basic of cures for the anxiety and depression so many of us seem to be plagued with in modern society.
Have you considered Meditation?
Have you thought often to yourself, "I need to enjoy the moment more!"

This podcast will give you the tools and tips you need to get started on your journey to loving who you are, loving others regardless of their flaws & enjoying the day to day moments you are so lucky to have.

If you are interested in Emma's journey then here are some links for you:

Emma's Mentor - Alan Clements: World Dharma

Alan's Worldwide Events - Schedule Here

The Retreat itself - Wisdom of Mindfulness

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