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EP 010 - MINDSET: What We Can Learn from the East. A Chinese up-bringing with Dean Chen.

Paulo & Jacques Massie published on

We sat down with Dean to discuss some of the differences between Western culture & Eastern culture. It was absoultely mind-blowing to finally have an insight into why western & eastern culture struggle to understand eachother, work together & in many cases, get along as human beings. The east is no longer just a rising economic power. China, Japan, South Korea & even Vietnam are emerging powerhouses. It is important that western and eastern cultures understand eachother emotionally, spiritually & culturally to ensure a peaceful & co-operative world.

The future is exciting! The world needs to work together in order to achieve the visions of now. The first step is too understand each other!

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Pumped for our 10th Podcast! We truly hope we are inspiring you to chase your passions & pursue your dreams with purpose!
Love you all!
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