Episode 3

The Upside of Limitation with Kate Bingaman Burt

Stuart Coates published on

For Kate Bingaman Burt, illustration started out in such more, holding herself accountable for the tens of thousands of dollars of debt she was in. Through her "automated projects", She put illustrations of her credit card statements online, using the entire world as a way of holding yourself accountable. With an acquired taste for illustration, she began her daily drawings, documenting one purchased item my day from February 5, 2006 to February 5th, 2014.


One of her projects that struck me most was on the found objects. Free boxes (which pepper the streets of Portland during the summer) exhibit a curious collection of mementos, antiquated media, and things that someone might have a use for. Kate takes note of these things and out of it arise questions of consumerism, preciousness, and personality. What does a book about Freud, an Ugly Betty DVD, and an old towel say about someone? Whatever it is, it makes for an interesting story. 


In episode three of the show, Kate discusses growing up in an artistic household, her struggle to pick a major, the people who inspired her, her introduction to the industry, and advice for those with trouble beginning or ending projects.


"In terms of applying limitations and restrictions, make it like it's a job. Identify the time of day you're going to be doing this, identify how long you want to be doing it, identify the tools you're going to be using and keep it consistent." 


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