Episode 1

Working for Happiness with Adam Arnold

Stuart Coates published on

In this inaugural episode of Crafted, I sat down with Adam Arnold to discuss the importance of struggle. Adapting to challenges and being able to overcome limitations in pursuit of goal is what separates hobbyists from those with a seemingly divine purpose. Through struggle, Adam Arnold helped shape the burgeoning fashion scene in Portland in the early 2000s.

Adam describes his studio as an extra limb of his. It's an extention of his mind, brought into physical reality through white walls and bricks.

“There just isn’t enough time in a life to develop, make, and work on all of the things I want to. That’s why I’m often in my studio. If it weren’t for this place, where I can experiment daily with fit, color, construction, and form, I would surely die unhappy. It is every artistic person’s divine right to have such a place, and I am very grateful to have one. It not only helps in the development of ideas, it is essential to the personal evolution of the soul. ”

interviewed Adam for bePortland in April 2013. I like to think of this episode as a continuation of that interview as we revisit and expand upon many of the same ideas.

The songs you heard in this episode were "Mary Celest's Daughter" by Phantom Fauna, and "Heartless" by Jenova 7

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