Cranium Cavities
Episode 30

30: Shower It on the Admiralty

Cranium Cavities published on

We're back after the sickness hit us! This week we get down into the facts and Jared just wants to talk about Kit Kats the whole time. So I hope you like those candy facts. 

  • Kit Kat Inspection
  • Kit Kat Shop
  • The 6th taste - Oleogustus
  • Kit Kat Flavors
  • Dogs' Bathroom Habits
  • Butterfly's Name
  • Cat's Memory Span
  • Sand Tiger Shark
  • First Recorded O.M.G.
  • NASA Alien Coverup
  • Last Thursdayism
  • The Reason for Boos in Mario
  • Pac-man Character Design
  • Airplane Banners
  • Alcoholic Burn
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