This is my weekly podcast that serves as a platform for me to create consistent content. I want to help others grow because I am going through the same process of finding my voice and creating a career out of my passions. It’s a long road that can be really tough so I hope to inspire as well as motivate you to pursue your wildest dreams… or just make some side money doing the things you love. Most of the time the process and your story can showcase your passions and skills better than the final product. Through the process of creating and committing to weekly podcasts I want to build a motivated community to grow with me. The creative climate right now can be crowded and overwhelming and that’s why it’s so important to find a purpose. It’s something every single human being is searching for throughout life, whether they know it or not.

 No matter what it is you do we are all creators in some way. Every day we create new opportunities for ourselves but without direction or purpose we can become blinded by our own thoughts and self doubt. So free yourself from all your doubt, tune in and let’s just keep it simple… Create Inspire Repeat.

- Rolby

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