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Episode 4

Communication and intent with Gregory Dirr

Rolby published on

This week I got to sit down with a printmaker, illustrator and artist: Gregory Dirr. Last time I saw him we talked about proposing artwork and projects for grants. It's something that is super foreign to me so I decided to have him on the podcast to talk a little bit about that and communication in general. Whether you are just starting out, working as a freelancer, or part of a bigger team I think a lot of what he had to say will help you approach client work a little differently. I can get stuck feeling frustrated and confused during commissioned projects because the pressure of doing what you think they want is so heavy when in reality you should do whatever it is you do because thats why they approached you in the first place. That's just one main tip I took from our conversation, Hope you enjoy the episode!

fyi: Sorry if the audio sucks, I was having some technical issues so I'll be aware of those kind of things for future episodes. Either way I think I cleaned it up enough.

If you want to check out Greg's work follow him on instagram here : @GregoryDirr

You can check out everything I do here: Rolbysworld

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