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Episode 5


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I wanted to sit down and record an unscripted podcast today. I hope everyone had a good holiday, I decided to not post a podcast last week because of it. I took some time to reflect on what I achieved this year as well as what I want to achieve next year. Lately I've been working out my problems out loud and realizing so much about myself. Freelancing and building a side business is stressful but I'm starting to learn why I encounter resistance with every project and how knowing the "why," is helping me to get passed all of those hurdles. If you have been listening to the podcast so far I did want to address my thoughts on scripted podcasts. I listened back to episode 3 and thought about why I didn't like it. I didn't like hearing myself read from a script. Although I was really inspired when I read what I wrote, I feel like that passion doesn't really come through when read outloud the way I did. Maybe it does and this is part of my self doubt trying to come around and hang out, but it got me thinking none the less. So for this podcast I just quickly wrote a few points I wanted to talk about and just pressed record. When you listen to this episode let me know if you can feel or hear a difference in scripted vs nonscripted. Let me know which you like better. All I know is that the idea of a script is great and relieves some pressure of not knowing what to say, but if it sounds like someone is reading I can't connect with it. Well I'll stop here lol Hope you enjoy this episode and stick around for more! 

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