Creating a New Healthcare
Episode 58

Episode #58 - Introduction to ‘Reframing Healthcare’ with Zeev Neuwirth MD

Zeev Neuwirth published on

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Today’s brief podcast is not our usual bi-weekly interview episode.  Instead, I’d like to share some exciting news.  It’s regarding the publication of my book, ‘Reframing Healthcare - A Roadmap for Creating Disruptive Change’, 
which is now officially available for pre-order on, with a publication date of April 23rd.

In this brief podcast I’ll discuss:

  • What ‘Reframing Healthcare’ is about

  • Why I wrote this book & what I’m hoping to see happen as a result

  • A call-to-action for you

As we get closer to the publication date, I’ll share more details about the contents of the book.

I think it will be of interest to many of you who listen regularly, as the themes we discuss in the podcast series are featured throughout the book.

As always, I appreciate your support, and welcome you to the #reframehealthcare movement.

Stay tuned for a regularly scheduled podcast interview next week.

It’s another real-life example of healthcare leaders who are disrupting and reframing healthcare in profoundly positive and humanistic ways.

Until next time, Be Well.

Zeev Neuwirth, MD

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