"Crisis To Crushin' it"
Episode 34

Ben Turner, Living Life in the Power of Yes.

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Hello, I am Joel Ingram, and this is "Crisis to Crushin' It" Podcast.

Let’s dive into this week’s talk, and help to:

1. Increase perspective.

2. Expand perception. 

3. Allow you to change your reality.

Ben Turner is an adventure athlete with a passion for extreme endurance challenges. He is the founder of Athlete Adventure, a platform on which he shares his experiences, the teachings of masters of their trades.

His recent experience of cycling around the Westfjords in Iceland to create a new trail to circumnavigate the country. He found himself tired with still over 2000km to go, out of nowhere in the water next to where he was cycling, he was joined by a pod of humpback whales, breaching and swimming next to him, this was unlike anything he had experienced before and it was then that he realised that sometimes when you are driven, suffering by not stopping, and you are there for the right reasons, the world will back you up and give you what you need to keep going. for me, that was a little motivation.

His mission is to help other people to Redefine their own 'Possible'.

Ben, Welcome to the show!

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My name is Joel Ingram,

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