"Crisis To Crushin' it"
Episode 24

John Godfrey, Life with obstacles yet no limits. Part 1

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Hello, I am Joel Ingram, and this is "Crisis to Crushin' It" Podcast.

Let’s dive into this week’s talk, and help to:

1. Increase perspective.

2. Expand perception. 

3. Allow you to change your reality.

Today we have John Godfrey, who is a blockchain, Bitcoin and crypto consultant, Co-founder of Blockchain Consultancy Bitclass (mastering Bitcoin). He has been in business for nearly 30 years and "found" Bitcoin in 2012 when he was researching a financial disaster called MtGox.

He left school practical illiterate and didn’t find out he was dyslexic until tested and eventually went to college to learn to read. Growing up through the 1970’s was a tough time, because he couldn’t read he was constantly called a retard (and often beaten) by teachers, in an effort to prove them wrong for himself, at 17 he built his first motor bike a Kawasaki Z1b 900.

Success was infectious and so was building (anything), from there he wanted to build a life for himself, so after he joined college to learn to read he also started his first company and spent nearly 7 years in night school.

Over the follow 10-15 years he built over £5 million worth of property. The biggest lesson taught to him was by his business mentor, and it’s the 25,000 thing, which is kind of like taking the red or the blue pill once you have it you can’t unknow it.

He is currently adding the finishing touches to his 6-part training course on how to have, hold and use Bitcoin.

John, Welcome to the show!

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