"Crisis To Crushin' it"
Episode 9

The Ultimate Opportunity to Learn and Grow, with Nick Dinardo

Joel Ingram published on

Hello, my name is Joel Ingram, and this is “The Midlife Crisis Man Podcast”.

Today I have with me Nick is an entrepreneur, consultant, and public speaker focused on adversity, personal growth, and education. Throughout his career, he has interviewed hundreds of experts on overcoming adversity, dealing with trauma and stress, and the crucial role that it plays in our cognitive development and education.

Nick has dealt with adversity his entire life. At seven years old, Nick's family went from living the American Dream to a foreclosed home, divorce, and mental illness. He spent a year sleeping on the floor of a one room apartment and sharing a kitchen with 17 people. He writes and podcasts more about his journey, the story and science of adversity, and personal growth at NickDiNardo.com hope you enjoy this episode.

You can get in touch with Nick here,






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