"Crisis To Crushin' it"
Episode 19

Tyler Stanley on Living a Stoked Life

Joel Ingram published on

Hello, I am Joel Ingram, and this is "Crisis to Crushin' It" Podcast.

Let’s dive into this week’s talk, and help to:

1. Increase perspective.

2. Expand perception. 

3. Allow you to change your reality.

Today we have Tyler Stanley of Stoked Life for Dads.

Tyler Stanley is a Dad, Husband and X-Athlete. ER Physician and Life Enthusiast. Tyler is the founder of Stoked Life for Dads where he helps fellow Dads reclaim and create their ideal health, fitness, body and lifestyle. Tylers' unique approach to health and fitness starts with mindset, establishing the “mind as the strongest muscle” and creating clarity in their vision and purpose as a man and father.

His focus is helping You to build the Body, Health, Fitness & Life you Desire & Deserve

Tyler, Welcome to the show!

Please reach out to connect, below.








Thank you for listening today,

I hope you enjoyed it!

My name is Joel Ingram,

I am a certified NLP Coach.

I help passionate, resourceful and professional people,

Who feel stuck and unfulfilled with aspects of life.

To rewrite their narrative and chronicle a new engaging and captivating future.

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