Cry-borg 009

Episode 35

Episode 35: Scrooge McDuck's Objectivism

Holly Edalyn published on

Sean and Mark are joined by Maxie for episode 35: "The City Of Wind".  The cyborg team comes across the ancient city of El Dorado, and meet the security left behind.  Topics dicussed in this episode include Sean's Zelda backlog, Ducktales talk, Gladstone Gander is an asshole, Wild Wild West jokes, Mark's pun sin, the Lapras of the Lorelei, one design for ladies, those with no excuses, no genocide mention, 003 is useless again, rock throw contract, 007 and Catholicism, 009 the gullible, the boy who cried ziggurat, gol is aluminum, Sean has become 007, Cotton Hill colossus, 003 won't hesitate, calling your attacks, everything's a robot, no dick since the conquistadors, a robot built to be lonely, and the most depressing ending. 


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