Cry-borg 009

Episode 44

Episode 40: The Fushigi Zone

Holly Edalyn published on

Mark is out of the hospital and Cry-Borg is back! We're joined by Teddy for episode 40: "Gamo's Revenge". In this episode we get to see some truly questionable parenting and 009 gets sent to the future with one of the assassins! Topics discussed include becoming a cyborg, Nintendo money-haters, There Will Be McCree, Stevenbomb talk, most upsetting opener, openly psychic, card games on motorbikes, laughter is the worst medicine, Dahir Insaat, truly terrible outfit, bad metaphor chess, spoken word Journey, hell valley sky tree, teamwork is OP, incredible psychic dunking, genetically discombobulated meme animal, and the uselessness of Wikipedia. 


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