Cry-borg 009

Episode 45

Episode 41: The Jock-Nerd Spectrum

Holly Edalyn published on

We're joined by Marty for episode 41: "Future Fury"! Lena and 009 are stuck in the future, and Mai hatches an idea with the rest of the 00 team to bring them back. Topics discussed include a quick recovery, SEAN! DIGS! GI-ANT RO-BO(TS)!, Mark does a Merlin, dumb time conversation, Sonic CD, airzooka powers, the Totally Reprise/Cry-Borg 009 crossover, a breath of fresh 002, congraturaisins, hidden ability: callous dumbfuck, jangles the moon monkey, Kozumi's evil twin, post-apocalypse supply questions, and an extended bad dad discussion. 


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