Cry-borg 009

Episode 46

Episode 42: Bad Dad Redemption

Holly Edalyn published on

We're joined by Lev for the conclusion of the mutant assassins arc, "To Tomorrow"! 009 has to be rescued from the bad future he got sent to, and Cain remains just the BIGGEST asshole imaginable. Topics discussed include ghost hospital, weeb stories, ska and ska culture, nipping Mei in the bud, too impatient for EarthBound, neck-thickening tube, 009: drama teen, YOU HATE TIME TRAVEL, a horrible mental image, Gamo has a point, grandpa slap, everyone's a quantum physicist, baked Alaska, everything is Sonic, Cain is a psychic top, dunking on Linux, Marty McFly syndrome, an Mark has some technical difficulty. 


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