Cry-borg 009

Episode 47

Episode 43: My Street Fighter Is Also Named Bort

Holly Edalyn published on

We're joined by Jess for episode 43: "Old Friends"! It's the beginning of the end, folks, and 009 meets some people from his past who aren't too pleased to see him. Topics discussed include lighthouse town, car boys simulator, phantom sneeze, pandas of the sea, exploding planes, Top Gun without volleyball, crack open an old freind with your cold boys, old man news powers, posing as straights, Ocean's 007, old ad campaigns, I'm hunting thunder lizards, 003's palette swap, improbable timelines, I'm cyborgin' here, working for EvilCorp, shittiest cyborgs, titty lion, swerve into Totally Reprise lane, the lion who howls, and nobody loves 009.

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