Cry-borg 009

Episode 40

Medabotcast 1: We Love Mr Referee

Holly Edalyn published on

Mark is sick, so Marty and Sean take the chance to talk about a completely different anime, Medabots! They watched episode 1: "Stung By A Metabee", wherein a young boy swallows his pride and buys a really crappy robot! Topics discussed include a brief history of Medabots, network confusion, red jacket wasteland, Fire Emblem talk, immediate kids show death, Cooldude McFuckup, the dorkiest robot, best character, pokemon romhack, robots = smartphones, preteen angst, Mark is most of Sean's impulse control, apron confusion, Marty make an anime error, alligator dog, poor edit jobs, the glam rock appears, a pretty chill dub, Magician's Red but a robot, zen chicken advice, bionicle friends, plot device-o-clock, Sean makes some throat sounds, and the end of Medabots gets spoiled. 


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