Cry-borg 009

Episode 43

Medabotcast 2: Sad, Sad Monopoly Man

Holly Edalyn published on

Sean and Marty once again watch an episode of Medabots, this time episode 2: "Return of the Screws". After winning his first battle, Ikki finds out that Metabee has some... obedience issues. Topics discussed include cop D. Va, surprisingly dark kid's game, Ikki's waving hand, robot reading the paper, anime cool boy pose, a mountain of a man, pringles principal, how do I rotate text in ms paint, the wu-tang clan, the Jimmy Neutron squad, spiralbound laptop notebook, medabots are tiny, robot needs watermelon badly, like 20 nerds, reverse heartwarming, spider-Erika, and Bastion fucks. 


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