Cum Town
Episode 103

Ep. 103 - easily the worst episode in awhile

Nick Mullen published on

this one is really bad. it happens sometimes. maybe its the rain

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  • Pete P

    oh my fucking god adam shut the fuck up. Business related expenses are BUSINESS EXPENSES that get DEDUCTED FROM YOUR INCOME you fucking retard. And yes every business writes off shit that doesnt necessarily perfectly equate to a "business" expense. Why is your liberal 1%ers are evil mindset preventing you from realizing a fact. Frustrating episode to listen to holy shit

  • Paul Mcallister

    When the topic first came up I was on Adam's side because I never really thought about it. 5 seconds later on google

    "According to statistical data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the top 1% had an adjusted gross income of $465,626 or higher for the 2014 tax year."

    Not sure why it needed to be half the podcast

  • Bushman Of Course!

    you deduct business expenses from the BUSINESS taxes, you dumb fuck. goddamn

  • Bushman Of Course!


  • Fugeddaboutit

    Adam is worng and gay

  • steve israel

    fumigate the pod

  • James Ardenhook

    yo fuck adam

  • David

    Holy shit what a fucking trainwreck. ALL of you are fucking wrong. Do you know how horrible it is to listen to the three of you try to argue about shit when you're all totally fucking ignorant about the topic? Have these arguments about your shitty comic friends or something. At least then I won't know when LITERALLY ALL THREE OF YOU are being fucking stupid.

  • [Name Redacted]

    Doesn't have as much gravitas if you just say "you're wrong!" without then explaining. Makes you sound like a bullshitter.

  • Take your ignorant right wing asses somewhere else. I suggest Ben Shapiro 's podcast. Fuckin Trump twats.

  • Robert Mallot

    waa waa i want chapo trap house

  • Jared Smith

    i thought adam was a guest, why the fuck is he talking so much in this one

  • Lane Shoves

    I am also full of hate, but I didn't listen to the podcast yet

  • Lane Shoves

    Many angry accountants on here, not a surprise. A data scientist got me into this. So far I got two lawyers and a fancy producer type into it.

  • BABY

    I'm gonna find all of you and you're all gonna be arrested for Harrassing my friends.