Cum Town
Episode 107

Ep. 107 - Rubiks tube

Nick Mullen published on

can you solve my dick? 

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  • Paul Mcallister

    betdsi ads seem beneath u nick. why not stick to innocuous shit like overpriced underwear and razor blade subscriptions? or better yet, how about have no ads b/c this pod is already an ad for the 400k patreon

    please nobody call me a fag or soy boy for saying this, it will hurt my feelings, thanks

  • fart burger

    i like how you have such esteem of your own opinions that you feel compelled to publicly post this while also making of use a transparent shield of ironic delusion to attempt to cover for your obvious self hatred

  • Paul Mcallister

    Shut up fag

  • fart burger

    if i knew you were going to prove my point so thoroughly i would have placed a bet on betdsi

  • HerpaDerpa

    You have any idea how much an 8 ball of coke costs in New York, Paul? Cut them some slack.