Cum Town
Episode 130

Ep. 130 - god's country, ma'am

Nick Mullen published on

holding my cowboy hat to my chest as i eat a strange womans VUHgina

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  • Joseph Verstandig

    Man you can still buy drugs with crypto, there's a bunch of marketplaces besides the silk road

  • Matt Ashton

    I love that Nick went long on crypto with no financial knowledge or understanding of how to asses value or time the market. This is what happens when you hang out with a bunch of commies that tell you finance is bullshit. You lose everything. At least he'll never change.

  • senor assfuckio

    if that retard actually paid attention to the commies he hung out with he wouldn't have gone long on crypto at all because the message from them has always been that it's bullshit, and you should stay away from it. blame it on his own fried brain, not the commies

  • Jacques Oeuf

    "Financial knowledge" and "cryptocurrency investor" are mutually exclusive concepts. CC has no value to assess (or asses to value), the market is 100% irrational and manipulated by the highly dubious or outright illegal exchanges. It's like "investing" in a mob-run numbers game and then declaring yourself a financial genius if you happen to win.

  • rbny sos

    all of these are my accounts i wrote all of these retarded comments

  • BABY

    Stop being mean to Nick, I don't like it.

  • the sigint

    i wish nick did some arthur impressions