Cum Town
Episode 15

Ep. 15 - Another Girl Episode

Nick Mullen published on

Melissa stokoski joins us so I can yell about the aaron glaser rape thing with a woman in the room, which is how you get away with being problematic on the radio. I learned this from Ant. 

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  • Logan Piercy

    This chick is a pain in the ass. She ain't funny, don't get it, ruins the vibe, and pits everyone against each other just to be right. Interesting conversation though.

  • Emmett Hegarty

    So what happened with this in the end, The guys twitter is dead and there's no news. Was it ever confirmed that he did it?

  • Levi Bailey

    Unsubstantiated accusations. Never charged. Dude tried / is trying to sue UCB for defamation. Total bullshit.

  • Robert Mallot

    yummy yummy give me cummy put your cummy in my tummy if that cummy i dont get i will throw a cummy fit