Cum Town
Episode 58

Ep. 58 - A Very Adam Christmas

Nick Mullen published on

we find out adams gay once an for all

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  • ???

    Nick showing his pussy bitch side interrupting that matt yglesias story.... I GOT FUCKING BLUE BALLS YOU CUNT.

  • Toe Mas

    Re: Australian place names
    My mate went to Humpybong state school

  • Joseph Verstandig

    Interrupting Adam to make a joke about how gay he is - hilarious. Interrupting him every fucking time he tries to tell a story for fuck knows how long is actually really really frustrating to listen to as a viewer. Tittybong in Victoria is my favourite Aussie place name lmao

  • Plap! Bech

    hey can you hit me up with those work out regimes? I'm fat as shit.

  • Robert Mallot

    yummy yummy give me cummy put your cummy in my tummy if that cummy i dont get i will throw a cummy fit