Cum Town
Episode 73

Ep. 73 - Late Night Boys

Nick Mullen published on

Another low energy night ep for those fans that enjoy it when we can't think of anything to talk about

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  • Yumi Crakon

    can't hear Stav. fix and re-upload

  • Herbert Breen

    audio is fucked

  • jrjammaster

    I made Stav louder here:

  • Herbert Breen

    thanks fam. Idk why I replied to that other guy earlier btw

  • per addolph

    Had to create an account here too to tell you this fucking sucked ass and I removed my pledge on Patreon. Nick, fuck off you fat piece of shit

  • Stav's audio is fucked and Nick is eating on mic. Unlistenable.

  • Dustin The Destroyer

    Had to create an account here too to tell you this fucking kicked ass and you have my pledge on Patreon. Adam, you're fucking gay.

  • James Ardenhook

    wow what a mark

  • ???

    I get that you think that releasing shitty content is "ironic" and what all the cool kids do. But I hope you realize that when people pay you for a fucking show, you shouldnt be proud of being a fuckup and a lazy piece of shit. You think its endearing because you have done it you're whole life but at some point I hope you figure out that it gets tiring once you get literally any kind of responsibility (which is what having a fans pay you tens of thousands of dollars a month is) its then time to actually put effort into your work. But please, piss off you're entire fan base. Hell, just start drinking again if you're such a self-loathing cunt that you intentionally sabotage the best thing you've ever created because of.. whatever it is thats inside of you that made you like this.

  • gayest comment

  • Josh W

    Just wanted to say -- this episode was really bad. And for some reason, longer than most. Like, we all get the shtick, but it's pretty clear when there's no work put into it. What happened to them having a list of topics at least? When they don't have anything to talk about, boyyyy do they revert to type with making jokes about Adam or Stav doing his lame sex-positive shtick. It gets super fucking tiring.

    I'm gonna keep listening at the end of the day, because it's free and it's still good a lot of the time, but I hope people at least acknowledge when they put out a shit episode. Hope they get some more guests on the show to at least make them feel like they better not waste an opportunity.

  • Rynold Bakerly

    made an account just to tell nick he's fucking gay for making such a lame ass episode and not even getting stavs mic to work

  • Robert Mallot

    yummy yummy give me cummy put your cummy in my tummy if that cummy i dont get i will throw a cummy fit