Cum Town
Episode 81

Ep. 81 - Marquis of Queensbury

Nick Mullen published on

Patreon has reversed their decision to jack up prices on the customer end, in no small part due to my status as 1) tier one operator 2) financial maven. Cheers to everyone becoming rich off crypto this week. Please spend that money buying the premium episodes now that they're fairly priced again. 

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  • Herbert Breen

    Northwest Negroid Contingency Plan

  • Lisa smith

    This is a really gay episode. First off It's Marquess not Marquis in the UK. Nicks cat is called Earnest, the name of the lead character in the Oscar Wilde play The Importance of Being Earnest who was jailed for gross indecency for seducing the Marquees son Lord Alfred Douglas. Closet homosexuals all of you.

  • Robert Mallot

    yummy yummy give me cummy put your cummy in my tummy if that cummy i dont get i will throw a cummy fit