Cyber Powered Hour
Episode 17

Episode 17 - You Underestimate the Power of My Credit Card

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Listen in as Pack and Wielding talk about their week in gaming, movies, and television. This week the guys talk The Game Awards 2017, and give their picks for a select few categories. The guys express their positive opinions on The Punisher, Wielding gives a spoiler-free mini-review of Justice League, Wielding aces a quiz on action stars, and they celebrate the Incredibles 2 teaser trailer. To celebrate the Incredibles 2, the featured genre this week is Pixar movies, and all the obvious choices are picked.  The featured charity this week is the Call of Duty Endowment, which helps put veterans back to work after leaving military service. The main topic covers the storm of negative feedback EA recieved over Star Wars loot crates, and micro-transactions in general. Its been quiet a anger filled week in gaming and the guys give their thoughts on the matter. Our Discord is live and a link can be found pinned to our Twitter account @CybrPowHourPod. You can also send us an email at Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday! Music by PurplePlanet Music.

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