Cyber Powered Hour
Episode 28

Episode 28 - Dino Rodeo.....Nope it's a Tide Ad

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Listen in as Wielding and Pack talk about their week in gaming, streaming, and tv. This week the guys talk about their experience playing Monster Hunter World, EA switching microtransactions back on Battlefront II, and Red Dead Redemption 2's delay until October. In entertainment the guys talk Super Bowl ads, Burn Notice, and the Lethal Weapon movies. The featured genre this week is movies based on toys, and a take a quiz on classic kids toys. It's that time of the month, its time for a Bad Netflix Movie Review. This month the movie under review is Cowboys vs Dinosaurs, and boy is it an awful mess of poor CGI. This week's featured charity stream is the Saint14 Project benefitting Take This Inc. The main topic is short but sweet as we take a walk down memory lane and talk about the toys we played with when we were kids. You can contact us by sending us an email at You can join our Discord server by following our pinned tweet on Twitter @CyberPowHourPod. Music by PurplePlanet Music. 

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