Cyber Powered Hour
Episode 31

Episode 31 -- IRL Directory

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Listen in as Wielidng and Pack talk about their week in gaming, tv, and streaming. This week the guys talk about Rainbow Six Siege's ten year plan, Fortnite Season 3 changes, the 400 player battle royale game in development. In entertainment talks about Archer, Taken, documentaries, web series, and Black Panther. Wielding aces a sports movie quiz, the guys list their favorite documentaries, and Wielding talks tornados. During the featured charity stream the guys highlight IT's charity stream for The Trevor Project, and Pack gives a recap on streaming during #TheHunt2018. The main topic is an unorganized mess as the guys open up the Twitch IRL directory and highlight some of the unique/stramge things that are happening in there. You can join our Discord by following our pinned tweet @CyberPowHourPod, or you can send us an email at Music by PurplePlanet Music. 

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