Cyber Powered Hour
Episode 33

Episode 33 - GamefoSplosion

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Listen in as Wielding and Pack discuss their week in gaming, streaming, and entertainment. This week the guys talk about Valve shipping games again, Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak mode, and Bethesda adding a new game stuido. Wielding gives tells tales of his exploits in PUBG, talks streaming on a regular basis, and highlights some of the features Mixer has built in. In entertainment Wielding talks about Season 2 of Jessica Jones, Pack talks about Breaking Bad, Wielding takes a quiz on video game movies, and the guys list their 3 favorite movie franchises. This week's featured charity stream is TRU Gaming Logics stream benefitting Mission 22. In the main topic this week, the guys unpack all the gaming news that came out this week. We cover The Division 2, CoD Blacks Ops 4, PUBG's roadmap for PC & Xbox, Fortnite going crossplatform & mobile, Destiny 2's sandbox highlights, and the excitement around Super Smash Bros teaser. You can join our Discord by following our pinned tweet @CyberPowHourPod or you can send us an email at Music by PurplePlanet Music. 

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