Cyber Powered Hour
Episode 34

Episode 34 - Cosplaying as Jabba the Hut Cosplaying as Slave Leia

CyberPowered Hour published on

Listen in as Wielding and Pack discuss their week in gaming, streaming, and entertainment. This week the guys discuss Ninja smashing Twitch records, Far Cry 5 microtransactions, and the rumors of a new Splinter Cell title. In entertainment the guys celebrate a new Avengers Infinity War trailer, Pack finally bests Wielding in a game of Call of Duty trivia, and the guys list there favorite Call of Duty games. This weeks featured charity stream is the Stream 4 the Dream month of March charity stream. In the main topic the guys discuss the difference between costuming and cosplay, talk about their favorite cosplays that they've seen, and talk about their own personal experiences with cosplay. You can join our Discord by following our pinned tweet @CyberPowHourPod, or you can send us an email at Music  by PurplePlanet Music. 

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