Cyber Powered Hour
Episode 35

Episode 35 - Con Etiquette & Experiences

CyberPowered Hour published on

Listen in as Wielding and Pack talk about their week in gaming, streaming, and entertainment. This week the guys talk about their The Division stream, streaming on Mixer, and celebrate their new logo made by the very talented jh0ward414. We cover PUBG mobile, Ark Survival Evolved's port to the Switch, and Epic Games releasing Paragon assets for free. In entertainment the guys discuss the new Deadpool 2 trailer, Wielding reasserts his trivia dominance over Pack, and the guys name off their favorite game studios. The featured charity stream this week is the Last Rites Gaming Mental Health Matters Charity Stream benefitting Anxiety Gaming. In the main topic the guys talk about their general con experiences, their convention plans for 2018, and general con etiquette. You can reach out to the show by joining our Discord and following our pinned tweet @CyberPowHourPod. You can also send us an email at Music by PurplePlanet Music.


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