Cyber Powered Hour
Episode 38

Episode 38 - Ready Player One

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Listen in as Wielding and Pack discuss their week in gaming, streaming, and entertainment. This week the guys discuss the Destiny 2 and Sea of Thieves road map. They also talk about Mixer giving away a free sub, the GuardianCon Clips4Kids event, and Radical Heights. In entertainment Wielding aces yet another quiz and the fellas give their favorite video game sidekicks. The featured charity this week is Foul Tidings Charity Stream benefitting World Builders. In the main topic the guys tal Ready Player One and the differences between the book and movie, as well as their thoughts on the difference. Our Facebook page is now live! You can join our Discord by follwoing our pinned tweet @CyberPowHourPod or you can send us an email at Music by PurplePlanet Music. 

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