Cyber Powered Hour
Episode 8

Episode 8 - Super Heroes Gone Wrong

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Listen in as Wielding, Pack, Logan talk about their week in gaming and entertainment. This week the guys talk about news around the video game world, they celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Super Mario Bros, as well as talk about their experiences streaming for the past week. During tech talk, a brief run down of the recent Apple news conference is discussed, and they guys give their opinion on the new phones coming out this fall. The featured genre this week is Sitcoms and some timeless classics make the lists this week. Humble Bundle announced the they have crossed over $100 million raised for charity over the past 7 years, the featured charity Stream for this Week is the Fight th Flood charity stream being hosted by the DRPfam for Hurricane Harvey Relief, and the featured charity organization is the Salvation Army. The main topic is Super Heroes, and it quickly morphs into just a car wreck of a discussion. The fellas take a quiz, present a super hero that they came up with over the week, and then create a villain on the spot for their heroes to do battle. Feel free to contact the show via email at or tweet at them on Twitter @cyberpowhourpod. Music by Purple Planet Music.

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