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The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Edge Of Steel

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STEEL YOURSELF! Here is the first in what will become a recurring instance of bifurcated broadcasting, as we not only look at the prickly New Blood known as Edge, but also the rookie super-hero who hosted Tom O'Brien's debut in Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #2, Iron John! Well, you might not remember that short lived moniker, but surely you know Dr. John Henry Irons, the armored engineer who stood as part of the titular quartet from the epic storyline "Reign of the Supermen" who briefly replaced the Last Son of Krypton following his presumed death at the bony hands of Doomsday. We'll cover Steel's earliest career from his cameo in Adventures of Superman #500 through his star turn in Superman: The Man of Steel #22-24, as well as an overview of his role in the DC Universe.

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