Bonus Episode 1: Real Steel is Real Good

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Come along with Luke and new friend Jules (@GatsbyLow) as she joins him in this extra-special, extra-long bonus episode as they take a look at the under-appreciated robot boxing movie that is Real Steel. And by take a look at I mean basically just them gushing about how much they love it and making an impassioned plea to Shawn Levy to make a sequel and give them a call to work on it. Just be warned dear listeners: There’s Lore Here. 

Luke loses an argument before he can start it and body shames a robot. Jules opens her own corner and completely incriminates herself.

Talking Points: Old-Fashioned Animal Cruelty, Hot on Hugh, Plot Cliffs, Mad Max: The Steel Warrior, Adorable Frankenstein, Things Get Real Creepy, Parts Unknown, This Final Fight is Soooooo Good, Sexy Tron, JUMP PUNCH!, Hopes for the Sequel, Accept Hugh Into Your Heart, Robo-Lovers, and Real Steel Original Characters

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