Bonus Episode 3: This Is Prime Time Baby

DCOMedy Podcast published on

After a long wait, the DCOMedy crew finally sits down to give you the presidential treatment with a bonus episode on My Date With The President's Daughter. Join us as we discuss a film that is basically a DCOM but a little more adult since it was made for ABC. What that means is it turns out to essentially be a poorly conceived romantic comedy narrative where the writers just tried to make crazy thing after crazy thing happen to our leads. 

Emma really wants to talk about the West Wing and misses CD stores. Luke’s audio got a little messed up and does a Southern accent.

Talking Points: A Surprisingly Catchy Song, The Wonderful World of Disney, President Prickly, CanadAmerica, Your Move Sorkin, Friedle’s Hair, Weird Obsessions, A Big White House, Houdini Posters, A Harry Potter Situation?, He Should Recognize Her, Teenage Passion, Boss Hog, Political Fundraising: What Kids Crave, CLUB ALIEN, Tracey Hungers, Magic Pays Off, Washington’s Infestation of Jazz Bands, Poor Explanations, A Phone-book is Crucial to the Plot, Too Many Car Chases, Things Get Rapey, A Full-On Fist Fight, The Worst Green Screen

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