Bonus Episode 4: A Special Place

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Sorry your Christmas present ended being a little late everyone, but since Life-Size 2 just came out, Eve dolls were on back order. But still, we wanted to celebrate the long-awaited sequel by going back to the original tale of friendship, love, and the crushing weight of a dead loved one driving you to study the dark arts. Ya, know: kids’ stuff!

Emma looks into the eyes of a proud husky and reveals her secret desires. Luke can’t get over the money and feels like a creep.

Talking Points: Lohan Appreciation, Off-Brand Dennis Leary, Broke Ass Font, Microchips: What Every Girl Wants, Female Football Trailblazer, Legal Drama, Balto Lore, Wolf of the Wonderful World of Disney, Etch-a-Sketchy, Magic Websites, Frisco Vibes, Teaching Kids About Pentagrams, These Children Are Demons, Casey Got Cash, Drew’s Games, American Girl Psycho, This Is All Drew’s Fault, Eve’s Agency, Seatbelt!, DRESS-UP MONTAGE, Eve’s Mission, Workplace Massages, Pore-less, The Best Band in The Universe, An Extremely Inappropriate Joke, A Dead Mom Has Purpose, 100 Watt Smile, Nobody’s Perfect, Tiny Backpacks, Eve Leaves

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